I am available to teach workshops and short courses on Cued Speech and American Sign Language.  I can develop workshops and/or courses to fit your individual or organizational needs.

TVC readily offers the following types of workshops/short courses:

  • Introductory American Sign Language courses/workshops
  • Intermediate ASL courses
  • Introductory Cued Speech (cued American English) courses/workshops
  • Intermediate Cued Speech workshops
  • Myths and Facts about Cued Speech
  • Overview of communication options for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals

Since I have a regular Monday-Friday job, my time for teaching workshops is therefore limited to weekends (and some evenings).

I do not provide one-on-one tutoring or instruction. While individual practice is always necessary, my experience has proven to me time and time again that people learn and develop their skills best when they have a support group of an instructor/mentor and peers.

To view upcoming workshops,  please click the “Upcoming Workshops” category in the sidebar. (Disclaimer: I post all workshops that are open to the public, not just those that I teach.)

Rates and fees are contingent upon negotiation and agreement with contracting agencies and/or individuals. Proposed rates will take into consideration the following: preparation time, travel, and actual teaching/consulting hours.

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